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Exclusive: Michele Josia | PhotoShoot | Interview


During of the premiere of Gate to Heaven, world-famous Italian musician, composer, soundtrack author of the best films of international cinematography, musician Michele Josia was hosted in Armenia. has had an exclusive interview and photo shoot with the composer.

As well as a fantastic and beautiful day. How did you get the offer to be shooted in “Gate to Heaven” Movie?

Michele Josia- Actually I have proposed myself for to be part of the film and to give my contribution with my music. I do read the Hollywood Reporter, Variety and other magazines dedicated to the film industry and I often check in internet the latest news regarding film in pre-production worldwide, for to stay update with the market and see if there is something that I would like to be part of. That's how I found Gate to Heaven; I sent my music, they sent me the script and it was an immediate and wonderful alchemy! Were there any difficulties during the shooting?

Michele Josia- Working with the director Jivan Avetisyan was a great experience and there weren't any major difficulties during the film. We had a total mutual understanding of what was the best music approach for the film and all the process was smooth. It was one of the rare example where a composer and a film director goes in the same direction and in a simbiotic way, which is not so common or obvious. Therefore, once we had found the key of the film, the rest came consequently and the composing process was natural. What impressions did you get from Armenia?

Michele Josia- I was totally blown away by the beauty of the landscape, the lively and joyful atmosphere of the cities, full of coffee shops, restaurants and interesting museum and history, but the thing that catched my soul more then all of this things is the spirit, the kindness, the ospitality and the good heart of the Armenian people. I am sure I will come back again to visit this beautiful country. Michele, you are so elegant in the photos. Haven’t you had any wish to become a model?

Michele Josia- Thank you for the compliment, you made my day! Sometimes I think that I'd like to try to be in front of the camera and acting, perhaps just for fun, but I never thought to became a fashion model. Well, everything is possible in life and occasion might come like this time with VOG, which I enjoyed very much. So, here I am if you’ll need! You are a composer, right? How did you choose your speciality?

Michele Josia- I was 9 years old when I picked a Vinyl from my father library; it was the "Alexander Nevsky" by Prokofiev, the Cantata for mezzo-soprano choir and orchestra, whose theme was the soundtrack for the 1938 eponymous film by the Soviet director Sergej Ėjzenštejn. I was fascinated by that music and I decided at that time that I wanted to be a composer. This event, in addition to the fact that my father was a well known production designer and my mother a costume assistant in film, theater and television, leaded me to the career I am now in. What kind of difficulties have you faced in your life connected to your speciality?

Michele Josia- The difficulties that everyone which decide to pursue this career have to face during the entire life. Film business is a marvelous career, yet full of uncertain moments, economically unstable, bitter situations and disappointments. It is one of the most dangerous business someone may choose, but one of the most rewarding when you succeed with it and when, for instance, you make the soundtrack for a beautiful movie like "Gate to Heaven". You need to believe it even if you need years for to see some results. As I like to say: "it's never the end until it's really the end".



Project Director: Nune Martirosyan Chief Editor: Marine Manjikyan Translator: Roza Simonyan Photographer: Sahak Sagatelyan

Gate to Heaven

Location: Garni | Geghard


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