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MADE IN ARMENIA | Spring/Summer 2023

Discover our Armenian designers who SHOWCASE their collections during Milan Fashion Week SEPT 23 at Emerging Talents platform

Designers participation is organized in the framework of "Textile Alliance Armenia - Italy" Business Forum and Runway Show funded by the Ministry of Economy in the partnership with Fashion and Design Chamber of Armenia.


KIVERA NAYNOMIS designer | Arevik Simonyan

Collection: Roots

Faith is the foundation of our culture and the driving force of our people. With this collection, we wanted to show a modern look through our roots and our culture. Тhe collection has taken its cue from the teachings of classic tailoring to construct a sophisticated tribute to the culture and traditions of Armenia.


Collection: Renaissance

The FW 2023 collection is inspired by the medieval art of Greater Armenia and is dedicated to the amazing ability of Armenian people to rise, blossom and create after every disaster. Tapestries with paintings by Toros Roslin (medieval Armenian miniature painter) were commissioned in Spain and used to make dresses, coats, jackets and bags. Other materials used are silk satins, printed silk chiffon and satin, silk lurex double-face chiffon and metal mesh. All to replicate the colors and textures of medieval fashion. Antique stylized jewelry finishes the looks giving a regal and divine mood to the collection.


Faina designer | Faina Harutyunyan

Collection: Nika

NIKA collection is designed for a woman who is confident with herself and loves to dream at night. This collection was created to tell the world how gorgeous her figure is and how strong her character can be. The combination of clear silhouette and dizzyingly voluminous forms personifies to all this. A woman is capable of more than you can imagine, and what she is wearing tells about it.


Nelly Serobyan designer

Collection: Black tetragon

The collection, within the identity of the brand, remains true to its style. It is very minimalistic, with dominating black color. Geometric patterns, direct and square lines are mainly used, which allow the models to stay in fashion for a long time and not go out of style.


Soncess designer | Sona Sahakyan Hakobyan

Collection: Infinity

The inspiration of the collection is Armenian beautiful highlands and nature. Mostly bended roads, miners, stratum with natural colors - it all inspired me while creating this collection. The cuts, shapes and textures remind me nature. The dominant colors are grey pallet inspired from miners and a little bit of red inspired from famous Armenia stone tuf.


LOOM Weaving designer | Inga Manukyan

Collection: Blossoming shells

Each item of the collection is a unique handmade piece created by mixing handmade embroidery with modern style, distinctive knitting technics and nude colors. The inspiration came from flower and shell shapes through interlacing yarns and handcrafted knitting technics as macramé, patchwork, braids, crochet. The key figures are oversized cardigans, jackets, sweaters combined with exclusive, bright, fantastic and completely handmade blossoming shells needlework.


RUZANĒ designer | Ruzanna Vardanyan

Collection: Individuality

Ruzane stays true to her own style - minimalism. For this season, she gets more daring, bold and sexy image. In almost every model, the main character is corset, which emphasizes the sophistication, soft curves of the female body and symbolizes strong, self-confident, but at the same time, gentle woman. Softer, beige-brown tones dominate. With this collection Ruzane tries to remind the beauty of woman despite of the modern rush world, her uniqueness and charm which lies precisely on her femininity.


Collection: The underscore

A fashion designer of Iranian-Armenian origins, Ariga Torosian proposes a collection of net cuts played off white and black, strongly inspired by graphic design and geometric shapes. She has created a visual order by designing her collection not only as an outfit but as an aesthetic behavior for everyday use, by bringing comfort in the hustle and bustle of the urban life.