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Exclusive: Tatiana Spivakova | PhotoShoot | Interview


During the premiere of “ Gate to Heaven” famous actress Tatiana Spivakova has visited to Armenia, with whom had an exclusive photo shoot and interview. How did you get the offer to be shooted in “ Gate to Heaven” movie.

Tatiana Spivakova- I got the offer to play Sophia in GTH thanks to a friend of mine Vahram Zaryan. I met him on a theatre project ... He talked about me with Jivan . Then, after a couple of Skype sessions, Jivan told me he wanted me to be in his movie. I was very honored and excited , especially to reconnect with my roots through this part ... Were there any difficulties during the shooting?

Tatiana Spivakova- It was an intense and demanding shooting , the shooting days were long and quite crazy sometimes ! But the whole team made it an unforgettable experience . I m so grateful I did it and met all these amazing people from all around the world . In one single day, I would speak so many different languages, going from French to English to Russian and to Karabagh’s dialect (that I was practicing phonetically )... great gymnastics for the brain ! All the memories I have are priceless. What impressions did you get from Armenia ?

Tatiana Spivakova- Armenia has been and will always be a homeland for me . As my mother comes from erevan, and My great grandmother from Shoushi .... everytime I come I just don’t want to leave anymore . I can see myself in people’s dark eyes . And I weirdly feel at home . People are so generous, it always warms my heart . I feel frustrated not to know the Armenian language though and really want to start learning it ...!


Project Director: Nune Martirosyan Chief Editor: Marine Manjikyan Translator: Ani Vardanyan Photographer: Sahak Sagatelyan Fashion Designer: Vicken Derderian, Kyung Hwa Kim MakeUp, Hair Style: Ton Visage

Gate to Heaven


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