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Exclusive: Nina Kronjäger | Famous Actress | PhotoShoot | Interview


During the premiere of “ Gate to Heaven” famous actress Nina Kronjaeger has visited to Armenia, with whom had an exclusive photo shoot and interview. How did you get the offer to be shooted in “ Gate to Heaven” movie.

Nina Kronjaeger- I was fortunate to get the offer for Gate to heaven to my agent Birgit Vogel- she was asked for women in her agency by the German Casting director. And she knew, I would fit in.  Were there any difficulties during the shooting?

Nina Kronjaeger- On the set and around the shooting was a wonderful atmosphere of taking care of each other and a variety of languages. There was always a wonderful communication going on. Richard and I were able to change lines, where we thought, something was missing because of translation Armenian/ English. What impressions did you get from Armenia ?

Nina Kronjaeger- I shot parts inside and was only in Vilnius last year. I just got to Armenia for the opening night for the film and was blown away by such friendliness and warmth! I felt embraced and welcomed even with my little part in the Film and will keep these loving memories! I want to come back to Armenia for sure.

Best Nina


Project Director: Nune Martirosyan Chief Editor: Marine Manjikyan Translator: Roza Simonyan Photographer: Sahak Sagatelyan Fashion Designer: Vicken Derderian Kyung Hwa Kim MakeUp, Hair Style: Ton Visage Location: Zvartnoc Cathedral

Gate to Heaven


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