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During the premiere of “ Gate to Heaven” famous actress and Miss Europe Globe 2014 model Naira Zakaryan has visited to Armenia, with whom VOG.am had an exclusive photo shoot and interview.

VOG.am- How did you get the offer to be shooted in “ Gate to Heaven” movie?

Naira- I met Jivan through my modeling career. He came forward about his film, we spoke about it and discussed the part of Teresa (my character in the film) over the next few months and it wasn’t too long till I was confirmed for the part.

VOG.am- Were there any difficulties during the shooting?

Naira- There were obstacles and quiet a few challenges but nothing that we collectively couldn’t overcome! I was also majorly jet lagged - the usual, hahaha! But when people have the will power and passion to create something beautiful - things start to magically fall together! And so they did because we had the most talented, dedicated, passionate and driven cast and crew!

VOG.am- What impressions did you get from Armenia ?

Naira- I loved visiting Armenia. It was my first true experience being in Armenia and Artsakh. I could talk about this topic forever! I remember the first time I saw mount Ararat I cried, I don’t know why, but it was such a grounding and spiritual experience that I couldn’t hold my tears back! And the majestic lake Sevan! Every time I see it I want to kneel down before it!! My first visit to Armenia was during the purple revolution and a few times since! I am in love with the people of Armenia that are so warm and spiritual! I am proud to have the roots from a country that has so much light within the human spirit!

VOG.am- Naira, you are both actress and model, do they help each other or not? Is it easy to compare both?

Naira- Any form of art is complementary to one another! Modeling is very much like acting maybe just in a simpler form, so it’s incredibly helpful to have that background! What can I say about acting?! It’s just a whole another level, different dimension! I will quote one of the best theater directors of New York City and my acting coach Aleksey Burago who said “ Your job is to re-create the life of the human spirit, but to do so, you should first have mastery over your own.” Think about it!

VOG.am- You have a beautiful body structure. Is it given from the nature or you do something for that?

Naira- Many girls would like to know how you keep your beautiful Photographer: Sahak Sagatelyan my parents, grandparent and many generations before them for my genetic makeup. But it’s important not to take things for granted and take good care of yourself. And don’t wait, start early! But it really boils down to simple things. I go to the gym regularly and eat healthy. It’s also important to check in with yourself on regular basis, meaning take good care of your emotional and spiritual life. Our body is a reflection of how we feel inside! There is no one thing that is a miracle it’s all the things together that make the difference!

VOG.am- Are you engaged in modeling now? If yes , what kind of projects have you participated and what kind of projects are you going to participate?

Naira- Yes, I try to keep up with modeling as much as the time allows. I recently shot with an amazing New York based photographer Alisdja for a project called Angeles and Demons with my co-star from the short called “The Interstate Killer” - to be published soon. I also am on the cover of the StyleUp Magazine (second cover this year) that will launch in just a few days. There is so much more coming up and I am very excited about it all!

VOG.am- Are there any projects you are going to participate? Is there any news?

Naira- As of right now I am in a stage production of “Rise And Fall Of Macondo” inspired by the novel Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez adapted and directed by brilliant Aleksey Burago. The show runs through November 24th. If you are in New York come see it! I have a few other projects pending as soon as I wrap things up with this show!


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